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Palm Sunday–28 March 2010 and Holy Week

Welcome back! This Sunday is Palm Sunday…it’s also the 6th and final Sunday of Lent (the season of preparation for Easter…the most holy day of the Christian year). Palm Sunday is interesting…you can celebrate a triumphal entry and rejoice, or you can follow the triumphal entry up with the story of the  “passion”–the story of how Jesus was betrayed and killed. Many churches have moved to observing the Passion narrative because they don’t have “Holy Week” services, or expect these “extra” mid-week services to be poorly attended. The idea is to remember the pain and suffering of Jesus…the sacrifice of a Savior; and not just move from the exuberance of Palm Sunday to the joy of Easter without the “meat” in the middle of the sandwich. Well…call it what you’d like…optimism that people will come to “extra” services, traditionalism on the part of the pastor and congregations, or not enough time to get through it all on Sunday…regardless of this, we will be observing the praise part of Palm Sunday this week, and leaving the Passion narrative for Holy Week.

This week we have many, many worship opportunities! (Also make sure to check out the food and fellowship activities that are coming up in the “Announcements” section below!) AND…here’s the BEST part! Worship will be multi-sensory, experiential services designed to bring the worshippers into the context of the story. WE will be immersed in the story…characters taking part in the drama of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Here’s the all-star line-up for the week:

Sunday, 28  March: Palm Sunday–Join us for a procession of the palms and spirited worship! The (working) sermon title will be, “Even the Rocks Cry Out!” as we look at Luke 19:28-40. Be prepared for the sanctuary to be transformed into a street from 2,000 years ago! You even get to take “freebies” home with you! What a great day to be in worship! (We’ll be “stripping” the sanctuary at the end of worship at Deer Creek in preparation for Good Friday services). Worship with us at either 9am (Deer Creek) or 11am (Mt. Tabor).

Thursday, 1 April: Holy (Maundy) Thursday–Join us as we observe the “Last Supper” and radical servant-leadership of Jesus by his washing the disciples’ feet. Participant observers in this last night that Jesus spent with his disciples, we’ll partake in Holy Communion and see some strong images of what it means to follow Jesus. Worship will be at 7pm at Mt. Tabor.

Friday, 2 April: Good Friday–While the title of this day may seem a little misleading since it was the day that Jesus was crucified (hung on a cross and left to die), it is good, because without the pain and suffering of this day, we couldn’t have the joy of the Easter resurrection. On this night, we’ll observe an ancient-style service of Tenebrae…a service of “light and darkness.” As the story of Jesus’ final hours is told, we will gradually extinguish candles until we are left in complete darkness, wondering what is to become of the world. This is a powerful experience, and if you have never been a part of a Tenebrae service before, I encourage you to attend. Worship will be held at 7pm at Deer Creek.

Sunday, 4 April: Easter–Christ the Lord is Risen Today! Celebrate the joy of the resurrection with us as we remember the eternal life we have received through Christ’s sacrifice for us. More details on this service will be coming! Plan to join us at either 9am (Deer Creek) or 11am (Mt. Tabor) to celebrate and proclaim like Mary did, “I have seen the Lord!”

Announcements for this week:

A Palm Sunday Dinner will be held TODAY at 5pm. The menu includes soup and sandwiches. Join us for this meal organized by the UMW of Deer Creek. Please bring a dessert, the women are taking care of the rest! Location: Deer Creek. 

On Easter Sunday, please bring fresh flowers to decorate the altar. Ladies: You are invited to wear your “Easter hats” next week! Don’t have a “fancy” hat? That’s ok! Any hat will do! Location: Deer Creek.

 Last week in worship, both congregations brainstormed ways that we could practice “radical hospitality” in our communities. Here’s what we came up with: DC: talk to people at work & in the community, blood drive w/ another church, voter transportation, use the sign to advertise, serve at a soup kitchen, check w/ homeless shelter, work with the VAs in Port Deposit—cards with drawings by the S.S., ice cream, possible worship service. Many people liked the VA project(s). MT: bulletins to homebound, invite people who haven’t been in a while to worship, ads in newspaper, postcards to visitors, pray, food to homeless nearby (see below). Let’s continue this conversation as we live as disciples of Jesus!

 Help the Homeless near Mt. Tabor by bringing in “ready-to-eat” food. All cans MUST have “flip tops.” Examples: cans of fruit, granola Bars, tuna with crackers, juice boxes, water bottles, crackers, small peanut butter, fruit snacks, plastic utensils, etc. Place in the entrance in the location marked “Food for Homeless.”

 Help the Sunday School! Bring juice boxes or a small snack (like animal crackers) to church for our youngest disciples. Location: Deer Creek.

 Summer Camp is coming up! There are camps for all ages (even adults!) and family camps. See a brochure, go online to or talk to Bonnie if you are interested. Scholarships are available. Discounts for campers who have family volunteer as a counselor for any age.


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