Posted by: deercreekcharge | April 29, 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Welcome back to the Creek! We are VERY excited about this Sunday! We are having a special presentation during the message/sermon time from Life and Limb Ministries. This is a really neat non-profit that provides prosthetics for people in Columbia, South America while spreading the Gospel message! They are going to be telling us about their work through some pictures, Scripture and music. We’ll be taking an extra, “second-mile” offering for this ministry.

Beyond that…we’ll have the “regular” host of hymns, Scripture–this week, the lectionary passage is from John 13:31-35…love one another, the choirs, fun, fellowship and more! AND…because it’s the first Sunday of the month, we’ll be celebrating Holy Communion together too! What a great day! If you are curious about having a relationship with Jesus Christ or if you are a life-long follower (or somewhere in-between), you are welcome to take communion with us…you don’t need to be a member of the United Methodist Church or any church…all are welcome at God’s table. While this is the “Regular” schedule, we hope that worship at Deer Creek Charge is never “regular.” God is always present and creating…making all things new. We worship an audience of One.

Our witness and ministry are growing as we learn more about ourselves, our community, our faith and our God! Won’t you come join us on this journey to eternal life? Check out the other sections on the website and our announcements below for ways to get involved. Or, contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you connect with our part of the Body of Christ. Peace be with you.


Life and Limb Ministries will be giving a presentation during worship TODAY. This outreach ministry spreads the Gospel while fitting people for prosthetics in Columbia, South America. Check them out at A love offering will be taken in addition to the regular offering. 

 A Worship Meeting for Deer Creek will be held after worship TODAY. This is to work towards our goals for the year as set forth by SPRC, and will be the first of several meetings. Questions to consider: What is worship? Why do we worship? What is needed to make something “worship”? Is there anything we are missing or would like to increase in frequency? Anything we would like to do away with/have less frequently? If you have suggestions but can’t attend, please write them down and give them to someone else on your behalf. Location: Deer Creek. 

Charge Council will meet on Wednesday, May 5th at 7pm. Items on the agenda include: reimbursements, the parsonage, and a chair-person. If you have something that needs to go on the agenda, please let Bonnie know no later than TODAY. We will be following the agenda. Location: Deer Creek

Have you ever wondered what goes on at Annual Conference? Have you ever dreamed of being the charge’s representative? Well, here’s your chance! We need to register one lay person NOW, to avoid the late payment penalty. All expenses paid. If willing, please tell Bonnie TODAY. (Dates: June 2-4, Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel) 

Nurture Committee’s Yard Sale will happen on Saturday, May 22, 8am-1pm. Donate your goods to the church to sell, or rent a table for $10 and keep the proceeds for yourself! Hot dogs, chips, and sodas will be sold. Volunteers needed-talk to Sandy. Location: Mt. Tabor. 

For the Women… (Sponsored by Ames UMC in Bel Air)

A Note from Nancy Duffy: we can carpool from Mt. Tabor or pick you up from your home. Contact Nancy for more info. A Day of Prayer and Self Denial on Wednesday, May 5 at 6:30pm. Program and light dinner of soup and bread included. Please bring your own bowl and spoon.


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