Posted by: deercreekcharge | June 12, 2010

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Welcome back to Deer Creek Charge! We hope that your week has been blessed! We also pray that you will join us in worship as part of our community as we seek to worship God and serve the Risen Christ! This Sunday, we are looking at Galatians 2:15-21. The sermon is titled, “The Checklist” and focuses on how we often approach faith from a legalistic viewpoint–a list of things we “have” to do to be a “good” Christian. But instead, we should focus on how to aproach Christianity as a matter of faith–it is only faith that can save us from eternal separation from God. So…how’s your checklist as a Christian? Do you have the one box checked that God has? The one that says “Yes, I believe”?

God loves you and desires to be in a relationship with you! We at Deer Creek and Mt. Tabor UMCs would love to help you discover this for yourself. Let us journey with you as you get to know God–we’re all in this together!


Bring in a picture of your father/grandfather/older brother, you being a (surrogate) father/mother to children, or a picture of someone who was a significant influence on your life next Sunday as we celebrate the men in our congregation. Location: Deer Creek.

 Third Sunday Refreshments will be served after worship at Mt. Tabor next Sunday! Join us for food, fun and fellowship as we honor the men in our congregation. Location: Mt. Tabor.

 The Mt. Tabor UMW Luncheon will be held at Enotria’s in Forest Hill on Monday, June 21 at 12pm. All are welcome! (Even the men!). The lunch buffet is $6.99, excluding drinks. Let Nancy Duffy know that you are attending so that there are enough seats. Contact Nancy for additional information.

 The next Bible Study on Exodus will be starting up on Wednesday, June 23 (unless the books aren’t in yet), and meeting for 14 weeks at 11am at Deer Creek. At the end of August, we will re-evaluate day/time. The cost of the workbook is $20, but if you need help with the cost, please let Bonnie know. A sample curriculum is available to browse. Join us as we journey through the wilderness!

 There has been some interest in an Evening Bible Study for those that work during the day. If you are interested in this timeframe (Topic/Location TBD), please talk to Bonnie.


Cokesbury Memorial UMC (Abingdon, MD—behind McComas Funeral Home) is celebrating the 225th anniversary of Cokesbury College Sunday, June 20. This was the 1st Methodist college in the world. Join them for a day of music and festivities: Worship at 10:30 on the lawn (Rev. Dr. Larry Stookey, preaching), Box Lunches at 12 (Keynote Speaker: Bonnie McCubbin on the mysterious destruction of the college), a reenactment at 1 (Ken Steward as Francis Asbury), and a rededication of the monument at 2 (Rev. Dennis Schulze, former pastor).


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