Posted by: deercreekcharge | July 3, 2010

This Little Light O’ Mine…Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy 234th Birthday from those of us at Deer Creek Charge! We are excited to be praising God before heading out to our Independence Day celebrations! What better way to celebrate one of the foundational freedoms of this great nation–religious freedom–than by coming out and worshipping with us before you head out to one of the area parades? There might even be some “fireworks” in your heart!

Today at Deer Creek Charge, we’ll be looking at Luke 10:1-11, 16-20, where Jesus sends out the 70 (or 72, depending on your translation) in ministry and mission…and then they return, excited and ON FIRE for Christ! We’ll be talking about how we too can be sent into ministry and mission in our community and world. We’ve ALL been called to be missionaries…come learn how we can support one another in this huge (but not impossible, with Christ!) task to let “this little light o’ mine” shine for all the world to see! We’ll also be kicking off our summer worship experience–a painting will be in progress each week of the summer at both churches…come watch it grow and develop as we learn to let our light shine.

Today we also are celebrating communion with one another–ALL are welcome at God’s table! Join us as we connect with one another, all Christians around the world–past, present and future–and God in new and intimate ways.

There are no special announcements this week…other than you are always invited to join us in Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 11am (Location: Deer Creek)! We’re currently studying Exodus. Contact us for more info.

Come to worship, ready to be sent out in mission! Below is the benediction (sending forth) that will be used in worship…may it bless you and make you a light for the world!

My brothers and sisters in Christ:
Today we give thankful witness
to the work of the Holy Spirit
in the lives of each person gathered here in this sanctuary.
By water and the Spirit, we have been made new creatures in Christ.
In the Spirit and with this body of Christ,
we continue to discover our gifts for ministry and connect them with the passion for service that God has placed in each of our hearts.

We hear God’s specific call to offer our gifts and passion in the work of God’s kingdom in our community and world.

God is with us! Let us lift up our hearts and hands and voices, giving thanks to the Triune God!

Holy God, Holy and Mighty, Holy Immortal One,
you have poured out your mercy upon us.
You have opened eyes that were blind to the harvest around us.
You have opened ears that were deaf to the cry of the sick, the poor, and the imprisoned.
You have opened minds that perceived only need to realize the deep giftedness of all people.
You have opened hearts that were hardened to your compassion for all your creatures.
You have opened hands that are now ready to serve you as laborers into your fields until the harvest is gathered in.

Blessing and honor and glory are yours,
now and forever!

Have Congregation turn towards the door of the sanctuary

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Fill your servants with grace and truth,
with wisdom and strength,
with every spiritual gift
to engage these ministries in your power.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Fill each of us with your love for this community; that we may support one another in these ministries with prayer, counsel, encouragement, support, helping hands and all things needed that your will be done in and through us.

Go forth from here empowered by the Spirit to do God’s work in the world; in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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