Posted by: deercreekcharge | August 28, 2010

You’re Invited! Sunday, 29 August 2010

You’re invited! Nope…this isn’t a “gimmick” or something…you really are invited to join us for worship on Sunday as we learn together how we can praise and bring glory to God! We have a lot going on this week! We are welcoming a guest vocalist, Stephanie Isberg, to our congregations. Stephanie is an amateur vocalist (although you wouldn’t know it by her voice!) who loves to sing in her church choir. Help us welcome her to Harford County! We’re also having a blessing of the backpacks, students, teachers, parents, bus drivers, lunch ladies, and anyone else involved in education as we get ready to start school on Monday. Join us as we pray over each person and ask for God’s blessing on them this year.

This week we are looking at the topic of hospitality…but not your “run of the mill” cakes on a silver platter hospitality…we’re talking about radical hospitality of Biblical proportions! The scripture for the week is Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16; and Luke 14:1, 7-14. The sermon title is “You’re Invited!” We hope that you will join us, and if we aren’t doing something that you think we should be doing, please let us know. We hope that our hospitality, as hosts and hostesses for God’s house, is of Biblical proportions. Won’t you join us?


Starting THIS WEEK, Bible Study will move to Mondays at 11am. Please join us! Location: Deer Creek.

S/PPRC will be meeting on TOMORROW at 7pm to work on compensation packages, etc. for 2011 in preparation for charge conference. Location: Mt. Tabor.

Follow-up to the S/PPRC Meeting to Vote on the Recommendations: (any other agenda items need to be given to Bonnie ONE WEEK prior to the meeting).

Mt. Tabor Church Council: Sunday, September 5th after worship. Location: Mt. Tabor.

Deer Creek Church Council: Monday, September 13th at 7pm. Location: Deer Creek.

Charge Council (BOTH churches): Monday, September 27th at 7pm. Location: Deer Creek.

Mt. Tabor would like to invite everyone to their annual Homecoming Celebration on Sunday, September 19th at 11am. The guest preacher will be Rev. Dr. Karin Walker, our District Superintendent. Caitlin Katrinic, Pat Raab’s granddaughter, will be the vocalist. A potluck lunch will follow. Location: Mt. Tabor. NOTE: Deer Creek WILL NOT have a worship service that morning. Please join Mt. Tabor at 11am.

Sunday, October 17, “After Worship”: Charge Conference. All members of the both churches are invited to attend. If you are the chair of a committee, we need you to be present, if at all possible. It will be led by Rev. Bruce Haskins, our Adventure Guide.  Note: Bonnie is assuming that the meeting will be held at Mt. Tabor since it is “after worship” but stay tuned for details as we get confirmation on this from our guide.


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