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Lost…and Found (Sunday, 12 September 2010)

Welcome back to Deer Creek Charge! We’re sorry we didn’t get a post up last week…by the time we realized it, Sunday worship was over. Last week we looked at Mission: Possible (yup, “Possible,” not “Impossible”) after hearing the theme song from the old TV show and watching the pastor receive a message that would self-destruct in 5 seconds! The text of the letter was as follows:

Good Morning, Pastor Bonnie. Sitting in front of you this morning are 29 potential disciples of Jesus Christ. Christ demands loyalty from his followers in return for the ultimate sacrifice that Christ gave for them—death. There is risk involved in following Christ. But he promises a great reward for all those who choose to go his way. The world is corrupt, violent and not living the way Christ believes it should live—the way Christ himself lives. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to be Christ’s agents on earth, to turn the world back to Jesus Christ. This will involve forsaking your family, friends and yes, maybe even life itself. The cost is high. The choice is yours. As always, should you or any of your potential Disciples be caught or killed, the world may disavow any knowledge of your actions. This letter will self-destruct in five seconds.

We looked at Luke 14:25-33 and the seemingly impossible challenges Christ gave to his followers…can we live up to them?

This week, we are focusing on things and people that are lost and found. The passage for the week is Luke 15:1-10, and includes familiar parables about lost sheep and coins. (It concludes right before the parable of the “prodigal” son). If you’ve ever been lost…or wandered from God…or think that you might at some point in your life…this service is for you! We welcome you to join us as we sing an old favorite, “Amazing Grace.” The choir will be with us, back after a couple week break!

You are always welcome to join us for worship, our ministries, outreach or other activities! We can’t wait to meet you! All are welcome…we strive to make our services as inclusive as possible…including those who are young (or young at heart!), physically challenged, developmentally delayed, yearning for a family or community, seeking greater meaning in life, a desire to serve or be served, those who sing well or those who can’t carry a tune…and more…you are always welcome here! If we aren’t doing something to help you grow into a deeper relationship with God, please let us know. We desire nothing more than to help make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

Lots of great things going on around the charge…it’s a busy time of the year! Check out the announcements for details!


The Trustees will be meeting Monday, 13 September, at 6pm at the parsonage to look at the bathroom project.

Bible Study resumes Tomorrow, Monday, September 13th at 11am. Join us! Location: Deer Creek.

Follow-up to the S/PPRC Meeting to Vote on the Recommendations: (any other agenda items need to be given to Bonnie ONE WEEK prior to the meeting).

Deer Creek Church Council: TOMORORW, Monday, September 13th at 7pm. Location: Deer Creek.

Charge Council (BOTH churches): Monday, September 27th at 7pm. Location: Deer Creek.

Mt. Tabor would like to invite everyone to their annual Homecoming Celebration on NEXT SUNDAY 11am. The guest preacher will be Rev. Dr. Karin Walker, our District Superintendent. Caitlin Katrinic, Pat Raab’s granddaughter, will be the vocalist. A potluck lunch will follow. Location: Mt. Tabor. NOTE: Deer Creek WILL NOT have a worship service that morning. Please join Mt. Tabor at 11am.

The Trustees of both churches will be meeting before the Charge Council Meeting on Monday, September 27th at 6:15pm to talk about the next step(s) for the parsonage bathroom. Location: Deer Creek.

Sunday, October 17, “After Worship”: Charge Conference. All members of the both churches are invited to attend. If you are the chair of a committee, we need you to be present, if at all possible. It will be led by Rev. Bruce Haskins, our Adventure Guide. Join us for a pot-luck lunch at noon, with the business meeting to follow. Location: Mt. Tabor.



  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

    • We are not on Twitter. Sorry! Come check us out in person though! You are always welcome!

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