Posted by: deercreekcharge | October 9, 2010

Thank God! A Healing Service–Sunday, 10 October 2010

“Unclean! Unclean!’ Do you ever feel yourself shouting in the world, feeling like no one is listening? Do you feel worn out sometimes…weary from life’s struggles? Do you ever feel like an outcast in society? That’s precisely the topic we are talking about in worship at Deer Creek Charge. We all feel like we need healing at times in our lives. And the good news is that Jesus can heal us both physically and spiritually.

On Sunday in worship, we will be looking at the passage from Luke 17:11-19, which is about ten lepers who are healed by the power and authority of Jesus’ words (NOT a healing touch!), but only one of these lepers–a foreigner, someone different than the others–returns to praise God and thank Jesus. We aren’t taking a traditional approach to this passage (traditionally, people interpret this passage to mean that we need to remember to thank God more. While this is true, the pastor doesn’t think that this is the main point of the passage. Curious? Come check us out and see what else is here in this story and how it impacts your life in 2010!)

We will conclude the message with a healing prayer:

Almighty and Most Gracious, Merciful Parent:
You are the Healer of the Nations and of each one of us.
Through your Son, Jesus Christ, you make the blind see and the lame walk.
You bring comfort to the afflicted and hope to the desolate.
You are the eternal light shining forth in a world of darkness.
O Lord, pour out your Holy Spirit on this congregation, so that we may be comforted by your power and loving embrace and made whole.
When we are afraid, give us courage.
When we feel weak, grant us your strength.
When we are afflicted, afford us patience.
When we are lost, offer us hope.
When we are alone, move this community of faith to our side.
Grant us the peace that can only come from you, Almighty God, Parent, Son and Spirit, eternally three-in-one, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

May you find the healing and whole-ness you need in your life too. We are praying for you on your faith journey and hope that you will come by and see what we are all about in the Deer Creek Charge. Worship at Deer Creek is 9am, Mt. Tabor at 11am. How can we be praying for you, our cyber-friend?


Charge Conference is NEXT SUNDAY! At about noon (or when worship at Mt. Tabor is over), we will head downstairs to the fellowship hall for a potluck luncheon with both congregations. After everyone has had an opportunity to get some food and socialize a bit, we will begin the formal meeting. We would LOVE to see a good representation from BOTH churches!! This is our annual “check-up” meeting with the conference. All members are allowed to vote. Everyone is invited to attend.


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