Posted by: deercreekcharge | November 22, 2010

Food, Fellowship, Football…and some Faith

Thanksgiving is quickly coming…and we are all in the last-minute preparations of grocery shopping, putting gas in the car to drive to family homes, putting all our toiletries in small bottles to take with us on the plane, or for the students among us, taking exams and writing papers before a much-needed long weekend break.

For most of us, the big Thanksgiving meal (FOOD!) is the central part of the next few days…everything is centered around what time we eat, who is bringing Great Aunt Betty since she can’t drive, and how many servings of mashed potatoes we need to make since all the teen boys/boyfriends will be around. (You probably have your version of this…).

Sometimes our meals are decided by the FOOTBALL game of the day…will the game be over in time for the 4pm sit-down? Or will we have to keep the gravy on the stove longer to warm up the turkey and potatoes?

But if we are really honest with ourselves, we’d probably admit that it doesn’t really matter if we have turkey or ham, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes…it’s the family and FELLOWSHIP time that really matters. We look forward (or dread) the once-per-year visit with Uncle Herbert, catch up on the hometown gossip with Aunt Marge, and hear about cousin Eddie’s latest science experiment.

Most families struggle a bit around the holidays as we try to figure out how to interact with one another as the kids grow up (Pete Jr will always be “Lil’ Pete, even when he’s 50!), people change and new folks are added to the family fold. Why not kick off the holiday season with a little bit of FAITH to help you remember the real focus of everything we are about…God!

We can’t wait to have you in worship with us as we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday! Please join us for a combined, community Thanksgiving worship service on Wednesday at 7pm at Mt. Tabor. Our lay speaker, David Moore, will be preaching a sermon called, “The Bread of Life.” You are always welcome to join us for this service or our Sunday morning service (9am at Deer Creek, 11am at Mt. Tabor). Stay tuned for Christmas Eve worship details!


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