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Are We There Yet? (Sunday, 12 December 2010)

Welcome to the Deer Creek Charge blog! We’re glad you’re here!  We at the DCC overheard the following conversation the other day…do you recognize it?

—[Whining] Are we there yet?!? When are we going to get there? Can we take a break? I have to go to the bathroom!
—We stopped 10 minutes ago—why didn’t you go to the bathroom then?
—Because I didn’t have to go then! But I have to go now!
—You’ll have to hold it. We’re not stopping!
—But it’s an emergency!!!

Does this conversation sound familiar to anyone? It sounds like the kids in the backseat of the car while going on a long—or maybe not so long—car ride. I think most of us could re-enact this conversation from some point in our lives—either as the children or the parents. And then, when you FINALLY arrive at your destination, what is the comment? “Are you serious?!?! [Disbelief] THIS is IT??? We came ALL this way for nothing?? When can we go home?” Needless to say, the trip was not what you expected.

This week in worship we will be focusing on the questions, “Are we there yet?” and “Is this all there is [in life]?” based off of John the Baptist’s ruminations on his life and ministry…as he sits in jail and contemplates the Messiah. Is Jesus REALLY the Messiah? He sure doesn’t act like a Messiah would act. Come find out how this relates to our lives and ministries…”are we there yet?” “Is there more to life than THIS?” Check out Matthew 11:2-15 for details…and see the prophecy that Christ says he fulfills in Isaiah 35:1-10.

We hope that your Advent is full of God-time waiting…full of eager anticipation for the Messiah’s coming. But if your holiday time is like most of ours…full of shopping, parties, demands, decorating, food, stress and you can’t wait for January 3rd so life can get back to “normal” (whatever THAT means)…then come join us for an hour this Sunday to contemplate what it means to wait for the Messiah in this day and age; in 2010. Take an hour out of your busy schedule to get in touch with God…you’ll be glad you did! And be sure to join us for our combined Christmas Eve worship service…held this year at Deer Creek (7pm, Fri., Dec. 24th). Check out the announcements below…and be sure to come out for the Advent Party this Sunday at Deer Creek, and/or the Christmas potluck and cookie exchange next Sunday at Mt. Tabor. You are always welcome…this is God’s house.

May you find peace this season.


An Advent Celebration will be held TODAY at 5pm. The Women’s Circle will provide hors d’oeuvres and beverages.  Please bring a dessert.  If you would like to participate in a gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift costing $5 or less.  A hymn sing is planned.  Come one and all and make merry (please invite family and friends)! Location: Deer Creek.

3rd Sunday Christmas Potluck will be held Next Sunday. There will also be a cookie exchange. Please bring in your home-baked cookies to share. We want to deliver some extras to shut-ins if you have a few cookies to spare. Location: Mt. Tabor.

Please bring in your Board of Childcare Red Stockings today or next week. This goes to funding much-needed programs for children who are in the UMC-sponsored group homes and foster homes. Location: Deer Creek.

The Deborah Circle of the UMW is requesting donations to the Magic Jar on December 5, 12 and 19th. The donations will be used to purchase clothes for the school nurses at both Hickory and Forest Hill Elementary Schools. Please contact Pat or Nancy with questions. Location: Mt. Tabor.

Mark your calendars! A combined Christmas Eve Worship service will be held on Friday, December 24th at 7pm at Deer Creek. This will be a candlelight family service and will include a children’s message. There will not be Sunday School for the children, but the service has been designed with them in mind. Bring your family and join us for a celebration! (“Regular” worship will resume at both churches on Sunday, December 26th).

Worship Fun Fact!

Today is the third Sunday in Advent. The word, Advent, comes from the Latin word, adventus, which means “coming.” The season proclaims the comings of the Christ—whose birth we prepare to celebrate once again, who comes continually in Word and Spirit, and whose return in final victory we anticipate. Check your announcements during Advent for a weekly “Worship Fun Fact.”


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