Posted by: deercreekcharge | January 9, 2011

Be Yourself–Sunday, 9 January 2011

Welcome back to the Deer Creek Charge! Thanks for stopping by. This week, we are celebrating Baptism of the Lord Sunday, where John baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River to kick-start Jesus’ ministry. Check it out in Matthew 3:13-17. These are some amazing, jam-packed verses! Today’s sermon, entitled, “Be Yourself,” will focus on how God used baptism to call Jesus into mission and ministry; and how God still uses baptism to call us into mission and ministry. This spring, we will be looking for ways that we can claim our identity as Christians as evidenced by our mission and ministry in the broader community. This worship service will help to get the thought process rolling. We hope you will join us as we start a new adventure! We will have some great new decorations in the worship space as well as an opportunity to reaffirm your commitment as a Christian by dipping your hands in the baptismal water and taking a shell home with you (a shell was an early symbol of baptism).

Life is always exciting and vibrant around the Deer Creek Charge! Join us to continue the journey towards a fuller life in Christ. May God bless you today and always.


NEXT SU NDAY is 3rd Sunday Fellowship! Join us after worship for a time of food and fellowship. All are welcome. Location: Mt. Tabor.

If you were given statistical reports to fill out, please give them to Bonnie ASAP.

Calling All Men: The first (inaugural) meeting of the Baltimore-Suburban District United Methodist Men will be held on Saturday, January 15, 8am-10am, at Westminster Rescue Mission, 658 Lucabaugh Mill Road, Westminster, MD 21157-3814. All men are invited and welcome to attend as plans are made for the spring. Breakfast will be served. If you are interested in attending, please let Bonnie know TODAY so that she can call in an RSVP head count. 

Worship Fun Fact!

Today is Baptism of the Lord Sunday. We celebrate Christ’s baptism by John. This helps all Christians to be reminded of our one baptism and to whom we belong—God.


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