Posted by: deercreekcharge | February 12, 2011

It’s Your Choice: Life or Death–Sunday, 13 February 2011

Welcome back to the Deer Creek Charge! We’re sorry we didn’t get a post up last week–things get busy around here! (Wouldn’t you like to be part of that? You are ALWAYS welcome to come and join us for worship, ministry or activities!) This week, the sermon title is “It’s Your Choice: Life or Death” based on Deuteronomy 30:15-20. When we walk with God and worship only God, we choose life. But when we let other things (money, homes, tv, school, jobs, technology, family, etc.) get in our way and take priority over God in our lives, we choose death. Life apart from God is death. We are given the opportunity to choose God (life) or not (death). But here’s the clincher–according to Deuteronomy 30, while our choice might be personal, the consequences of our choices impact those around us and even those who have not yet been born (our descendents)! Yikes! It’s not “all about me” any more…even in a world filled with individualism, it’s about all of us…it’s about all of us chosing life (God) and putting the other things we worship, our “other gods” (AKA, our idols) aside. Choose life.

We’re also looking for a pianist/organist around the DCC right now. If you or someone you know might be a good fit, leave a post or send us an email We’d LOVE to hear from you!

As you go out and about on this Valentine’s Day week, remember that even when earthly love fails, God’s love is still there…and always will be. May you feel the loving embrace of our Heavenly Parent this week! You are loved because you are a Child of God!


Next Sunday is 3rd Sunday Potluck! Join us after worship for a time of fellowship, food and fun! Location: Mt. Tabor.

Do you know someone who plays the piano and/or organ? We are looking for someone who can help us out either in the interim or become our permanent accompanist for the charge. There is a small stipend. If you know someone who would be interested, or would like more info, please see either Bonnie or Cheryl.

We’ve had a great response to the Bible Study! The books have been ordered and we will begin classes after they have arrived and been distributed. Classes will run approximately one hour. Didn’t get to sign up? Talk to Bonnie about getting involved.

Deer Creek will have their study on Monday mornings at either 10am or 11am (depending on choir rehearsal).
Mt. Tabor will have their study on Sundays at 12:15 (right after worship).

Please make note of the NEW Prayer Chain list at Deer Creek. If you would like for something to go out on the prayer chain, please contact Bonnie and Gary (see prayer list on the reverse of the announcements). Location: Deer Creek.

Worship Fun Fact!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, named in honor of St. Vanletinus, a 3rd Century martyr (and not the hearts/romantic love that popular culture makes it out to be). But Valentine is no longer part of the sanctorial cycle (the calendar for remembering saints) in either the Roman Catholic Church or the Episcopal Church because of a lack of clarity as to what this person (or persons, as some scholars think) did.


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