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Transformers–Sunday, 6 March 2011

Hey There! Thanks for stopping by…whether it’s your first time or you’ve been here many times before. We are so glad you came! This week at the Deer Creek Charge will be a busy one! We are talking this week about transformations…how God can change you (or use you to change others!) in radical ways so that after your “encounter” you will never be the same. After being transformed by God, you can’t ever go back to who or what you were before. Intrigued? Come join us this week as we unwrap the mysteries of something called the “Transfiguration of Jesus” (really, this means that Jesus’ appearance was changed/transformed…but we at the Deer Creek Charge don’t think that was the ONLY thing that changed that day on the mountain…). We’ll be looking at Matthew 17:1-9.

This week will also kick off our Lenten Journey…Lent is a season of preparation–of turning away from the things that separate us from God (these are called “sins”), and renewing (or making for the first time) our relationship with God. It lasts for 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter. We’ll be starting with a Pancake Supper on Tuesday (see the announcements below), and then on Wednesday, we’ll have our Ash Wednesday Service. This service will be kid-friendly for ages 5 and up. (See announcements for more). There are LOTS of things going on…so please join us!

Don’t forget…next Saturday night is “Spring Forward.” Set your clocks one hour ahead so that you don’t miss worship with us! Also…last week we handed out calenders in the bulletins–1 per household. If you did not receive one, please let us know, and we’ll be sure to get you one.


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner will be held TUESDAY from 5-7pm. The menu includes pancakes and sausage. Location: Mt. Tabor. 

COMBINED Ash Wednesday Worship will be held WEDNESDAY at 7pm, at Mt. Tabor. This is a time to spend thinking about sin and repentance, and to kick-off the season of Lent—40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter. The service will be appropriate for children.

Palms from previous Palm Sundays are used for the ash crosses on our foreheads. Since the palms have been blessed (prayed over), they must either be burned or respectfully returned to the earth. You are welcome to bring them back to church for proper disposal. 

Did a recent sermon motivate you to get involved in the community, but you don’t know how? Here’s one way: Volunteer for 2 hours (weekly/monthly) at Centre UMC’s (Forest Hill) God Provides Food Pantry! People are needed on Wednesdays from 10-noon (especially needed) and from 6-8pm. Arrive about 10-15 minutes before the start time to get oriented. It is in their educational building (follow the signs). Let Bonnie know if you have questions or if you plan to go! (Bonnie will be there on Wednesday if you want to join her).

The money donated to the Magic Jar this month will go to help provide gift cards for replacement blinds at the women and children’s shelter, Susannah Wesley House, in Baltimore. This is a mission of the Deborah Circle of the UMW. Talk to Nancy with questions. Location: Mt. Tabor. 

We are still looking for someone to play piano and/or organ either permanently or temporarily at Deer Creek. Please talk to folks you know. A small stipend is available.

Worship Fun Fact!

This is the last Sunday before Lent. It is called “Transfiguration Sunday” and helps us remember when Jesus’ appearance was transformed on the mountain along with Elijah and Moses. Lent begins on Wednesday with “Ash Wednesday.” If you’ve never been to an Ash Wednesday service, it is a special, reflective and meditative time to reconnect with God.


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