Posted by: deercreekcharge | March 6, 2011

Kick-start Lent with Pancakes and Ashes

Thanks for joining us! Below is a bit of information from The United Methodist Book of Worship (1992) about what Lent is:

Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Lent comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lencten, which means “spring.” THe season is a preparation for celebrating Easter. Historically, Lent began as a period of fasting and preparation for baptism by converts and then became a time for penance by all Christians. The First Sunday describes Jessus’ temptation by Satan; and the Sixth Sunday (Passion/Palm Sunday), Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his subsequent passion and death. Because Sundays are always little Easters, the penitential spirit of Lent should be tempered with joyful expectation of the Resurection.

THe Great Three Days–sometimes called the Tiduum or Pasch–from sunset HOly Thursday through sunset Easter Day are the climax of lent (and of the whole Christian year) and a bridge into the Easter Season. These days proclaim the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. During these days, the community journeys with Jesus from the upper room, to the cross, to the tomb, and to the garden. They should be seen as a great unifed service beginning with a service of Holy Communion on Holy THursday and concluding with the services of Easter Day. These services may be connected with a prayer vigil lasting from Holy Thursday evening (or Good Friday) until the first service of Easter and may be accompanied by fasting.

We use the color of purple and gray to symbolize a penitential heart.

As we prepare to repent (turn away from) our sins and turn towards God and a renewed and right relationship with God, we at the Deer Creek Charge would love to have you join us for our Lenten Activities and worship services. We’ll be starting the season this week with a “Fat” or “Shrove” Tuesday Pancake supper on Tuesday, March 8, 5-7pm, at Mt. Tabor. The following night, Wednesday, March 9, we’ll be having our Ash Wednesday worship service at 7pm at Mt. Tabor. (This is a combined Deer Creek/Mt. Tabor service). (Holy Week services will include Holy Thursday–April 21, 7pm, Deer Creek; and Good Friday–April 22, 7pm, Mt. Tabor; with “regular” Sunday worship for Easter–April 24, 9am at Deer Creek and 11am at Mt. Tabor).

The Ash Wednesday Service WILL be kid-friendly! Join us as we pray for forgiveness and remember that we are all human. Come learn about the importance and significance of this special day, receive a mark on your forehead of an ash cross as a reminder that “from dust you were made and to dust you will return. Repent and believe the Gospel.” If you have questions or concerns about this day, please feel free to contact us. We can’t wait to see you!

May God bless you and your faith journey.


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