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Shaken, Not Stirred–Sunday, 17 April 2011 (Palm Sunday)

Thanks for coming back to the Deer Creek Charge! We’re thrilled to have you here! We have a LOT of exciting things coming up this week. This Sunday is the kick-off to what we call “Holy Week”–the last week of Jesus’ earthly life before his death and resurrection. We are going to usher in the week with parades, celebrations and more this Sunday on “Palm Sunday.” Come on out and get your palm to take home with you (and save it until next year, when we’ll burn it for ashes for Ash Wednesday). The sermon title is “Shaken, Not Stirred” and we’ll explore what this means in the context of James Bond, Scripture, and our lives today (there really IS a connection!). Intrigued? Join us as we delve into Matthew 21:1-11 and the triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem. After worship at Deer Creek, we’ll be “stripping” the sanctuary in preparation for Good Friady worship. After worship at Mt. Tabor, we’ll be joining together for food, fun and fellowship for our monthly 3rd Sunday meal! Plenty going on for all ages!

This week, Bible Study is cancelled for the 17th and 24th (Easter) at Mt. Tabor, and the 18th at Deer Creek, due to all the “extra” things happening. Thursday, we’ll gather for a COMBINED worship service at 7pm at Deer Creek where we’ll observe the “table fellowship” and last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. Communion will be served. On Friday, we’ll gather for a COMBINED Good Friday worship service at 7pm at Mt. Tabor, where we’ll experience the passion narrative–the story of the final week of life, and the death of Jesus. This will be a story told with candles and sounds. We will leave in silence. There will be NO Sunday School or childcare on Thursday or Friday. The services are designed for all family members to worship together.

We hope you will join us this week as we experience the greatest story ever written! Don’t jump right from the celebrations of Palm Sunday to the celebrations of Easter without going through the pain of the week. You wouldn’t watch a movie starting at the final credits, climb a mountain from 10 feet below the summit, or read only the last page of the book (especially if you aren’t writting a book report on it!)…so don’t try that with church either. Jesus spent 6 hours on a cross dying for you…you can give him 3 hours of your time this week. Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact us.

Also, if you can’t make it to the services for whatever reason, we will be handing out a Holy Week devotional book to help you make that journey yourself and shout “Hosanna!” (“Help us! Save us, we pray!”).

Be sure to check out the announcements below.


Holy Week Worship Schedule—Please join us as we journey from the celebration through the last supper, the crucifixion and the resurrection! This is the most holy week in the Christian Year. Children welcome—let Bonnie know if you plan to bring young ones.

Thursday, April 21st: Holy Thursday Worship: 7pm (DC)—combined, with communion

Friday, April 22nd: Good Friday Worship: 7pm (MT)—combined, Tenebrae (light/darkness)

Sunday, April 24th: Easter Worship: 9am (DC) & 11am (MT)

Join us TODAY for 3rd Sunday Fellowship immediately after worship! Location: Mt.Tabor

There is a NEWTRAFFIC PATTERN at Deer Creek. To accommodate choir practice after worship, we will greet and leave by the back door (in the Sunday School). If you can’t go down the steps, please use the main sanctuary entrance. We will still enter through the main doors.

Spare change is being collected at Deer Creek. Save your change from the week and deposit it in the jar. Money will be used for the food pantry or other mission projects.

Bible Study at Mt. Tabor is cancelled. See you on May 1. Bible Study at Deer Creek is cancelled TOMORROW. See you next week.

Join the Board of Childcare for $2/yr to support children through the UMC. Questions? Talk to Sandy. Location: Mt. Tabor.

Scripture Readers are needed at Deer Creek. You don’t have to be a “perfect” reader—the scripture is provided in advance, so you can practice. Training can be provided. Sign up on the clipboard. Please consider serving God in this way.

Summer camp brochures are available! Friends, Fun, Faith…learn about God in the outdoors while having a fabulous time! Camps for all interests and all ages, including families. Scholarships are available. Talk to Bonnie for details., grab a brochure, or go online to

Worship Fun Fact!

Today’s palms are called “Eco-Palms.” Eco-Palms are harvested in sustainable way that minimizes the impact on the natural forest and helping to protect the environment. Harvesters are trained to gather only quality palm fronds which allow the plant to keep growing. The palms are then brought to a community processing building, where the palms are processed and packaged for export. By processing the palms themselves, these communities keep more of the profits. By purchasing these, we help change the world.


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