Posted by: deercreekcharge | April 23, 2011

Button Up? An Easter Resurrection You Won’t Forget! (Sunday 24 April 2011)

Thanks for stopping by! We at the Deer Creek Charge are pumped up for an Easter Resurrection celebration that you won’t forget! We’ve been journeying through Lent and Holy Week together and are now ready to celebrate! The sermon for this week is called “Button Up?” and will focus on the story of the resurrection from the perspective of the guards outside of the tomb. You’ve probably never heard this take on the resurrection…come out and join us as we discover again what Christ coming back to life means for us in 2011 and individually. There are “take-home” objects to help you remember the message too. If you get a chance, check out Matthew 28:1-20 and start thinking about the story. If not, no problem–we’ll read it together!

Both choirs are ready to go to help us worship God. Bulletins are copied and ready to go. Greeters and ushers are excited to welcome you. We will be celebrating communion for the first time since Thursday night, when we remembered the last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. Just as a reminder, we practice an open communion table, where all who ask forgiveness for their sins and seek to grow in love and fellowship in Christ, are welcome to come and receive the bread and non-fermented fruit of the vine (grape juice). For more on our ideas about communion, check out our Worship Page or The United Methodist Church website. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate in all aspects of worship.

Speaking of children, here’s what we will have available at both Deer Creek and Mt. Tabor for Easter Sunday: a children’s bulletin that focuses on the Matthew 28 scripture (the resurrection of Jesus) with age-appropriate activities that help to reinforce the message; a Holy Week Coloring Book for our youngest disciples; and a time during the first half of the service that the children spend with the pastor learning the lesson and message in an age-appropriate, object-based way. They are given the opportunity and encouraged to ask questions! We value the participation of children! Additionally, at Deer Creek only, there will be a time of Sunday School after the Children’s Message with the pastor. Children are welcome to go into the Sunday School room with our teachers (all of whom have been screened), and continue learning in their own way. We have a “one room” format, where all ages gather together. Parents/Families are welcome to accompany their child, or to check on them at any point during the service. The class will re-join the rest of the congregation in time for communion (about a half an hour later). Children who do not wish to attend Sunday School may remain in the sanctuary with their families. There is no nursery care–infants should remain with their families. There is also a rumor of an Easter Egg Hunt after worship at Deer Creek! Join us for the fun, fellowship and celebration!

Parking at Mt. Tabor should not be a problem–we generally park around the perimeter and then in make-shift rows in the center. A few folks will start it off, and you can follow their lead. At Deer Creek, parking can often be at a premium. We have a very small lot that fills up quickly. After that, you are welcome to park along the road, on the cemetery “loop,” or in the parsonage driveway (the big white house on the hill, just down the road from the church). If you are able-bodied and can walk, please consider leaving the parking lot for those who have mobility issues. If you need to park close to the church, please consider arriving early to ensure adequate parking.

We hope to see you soon! Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen, indeed! Alleluia!


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