Posted by: deercreekcharge | April 30, 2011

Behind Closed Doors (Sunday, 1 May 2011)

Thanks for stopping by! We hope that you had a wonderful Easter celebration and that you are ready to go out and proclaim the Risen Christ! This week at the DCC, we are taking a look at John 20:19-31. Did you know that this passage comes up on the Sunday after Easter every year?!?! It does. In this story, Jesus appears to 10 of the disciples (Judas and Thomas are missing) behind closed, locked doors. He gives them the Holy Spirit and the disciples tell Thomas about what happened. He wasn’t so sure about it–after all, everyone else had seen Jesus’ wounds…can’t Thomas see them too? A week later, Jesus again appears to the disciples behind a closed and locked door. But this time, Thomas is with them. He sees and he believes…just like the other disciples did a week earlier. I wonder, if Jesus were to appear before you, would you recognize him for who he is? Or would you demand proof of his identity? Come and explore what this means for us in 2011.

We can’t wait to see you! Please join us! You are ALWAYS welcome and invited! May God bless you and your faith journey.


Bible Study at Mt. Tabor is RESUMES TODAY. See you there! Bible Study at Deer Creek has a time change for tomorrow—see you at 10am!

While we traditionally share in communion on the first Sunday of each month, because last week was Easter, we celebrated communion last week as we shared in the “first meal” since observing the resurrection.

Have you ever wondered how you can join the congregation of Deer Creek or Mt.Tabor? If you are interested in making a profession of faith (first time joining a church as a youth or adult), or transferring your membership from another congregation, please see Bonnie so that we can find a time to chat briefly about what membership means and what you are professing (as well as get info if you are transferring). New members will officially join the congregation on Pentecost (June 12th). If you can’t make it that day, we can find another Sunday that works.

The Bible Studies at both churches have been learning quite a bit over the past 3 months! As part of our class, we will be taking a trip to the Strawbridge Shrine in New Windsor (Carroll County) which is the location of the First American Conversion to Methodism. We will go on a tour, hosted by the curator. The trip is open to all (even if you are not in the study). There is no cost (freewill donations accepted). But, Bonnie needs a head count TODAY if you are planning on attending. (Future trips to other sites are in the works). Sunday, May 15th. Depart FROM MT. TABOR (carpool) at 1pm. Return by 6pm.

Scripture Readers are needed at Deer Creek. You don’t have to be a “perfect” reader—the scripture is provided in advance, so you can practice. Training can be provided. Sign up on the clipboard. Please consider serving God in this way.

Summer camp brochures are available! Friends, Fun, Faith…learn about God in the outdoors while having a fabulous time! Camps for all interests and all ages, including families. Scholarships are available. Talk to Bonnie for details., grab a brochure, or go online to

Worship Fun Fact!

Today is sometimes called “Holy Humor Sunday” because God pulled the greatest practical joke of all times on the devil when God raised Christ from the dead. Tell a few jokes and celebrate some Holy Humor!


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