Posted by: deercreekcharge | May 21, 2011

Gettin’ Stoned (Sunday, 22 May 2011)

Welcome back to the Deer Creek Charge! Thanks for checking out our post! We’ve had a lot of exciting things going on around both churches recently, and we’re ready for a breather! One of the big joys we’ve had is on Saturday, Mt. Tabor had a yard sale and raised over $300 for hospitiality and outreach ministries! We had a decent turn-out and sold many items. We hope you came by! If not, we’ll be doing another sale sometime around the beginning of October…stay tuned for an exact date! We LOVE it when people come and set up their own tables too! This Sunday, our sermon is entitled, “Gettin’ Stoned” and is based on Acts 7:54-8:1a. Check it out, and then come check us out! This is not your typical “you should die for Christ” sermon…come see how the stoning relates to social justice, the Rapture, and life in 2011. (Don’t believe it does? Come tell us!)

Be sure to check out the announcements, and we hope to see you soon! You are ALWAYS welcome here! May God bless you and your faith journey!


Annual Conference, the yearly meeting of United Methodist clergy and laity in the Baltimore-Washington Conference (our regional area), will meet this week Thurs-Sat. Business will be conducted, legislation voted on, new clergy commissioned and ordained, and worship held. Sandy Taylor is our charge’s lay delegate (we get one lay delegate for each pastor). She will update us on what happened afterwards. Bonnie will be attending as well. Please keep the conference in your prayers.

The fieldtrip to the Strawbridge Shrine last week was so much fun, that we thought we’d plan another trip! This time, we’ll be heading to Barratt’s Chapel in Delaware. This is the oldest survivingMethodistChurch in the nation (1780), and where plans were made to hold a conference inBaltimore to establish theMethodistChurch. We would probably go on either a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon when they are open. Do you have a date that works/doesn’t work for you? Let Bonnie know as we plan.

Have you ever wondered how you can join the congregation of Deer Creek or Mt. Tabor? If you are interested in making a profession of faith (first time joining a church as a youth or adult), or transferring your membership from another congregation, please see Bonnie so that we can find a time to chat briefly about what membership means and what you are professing (as well as get info if you are transferring). New members will officially join the congregation on Pentecost (June 12th). If you can’t make it that day, we can find another Sunday that works.

If you would like to donate to the relief and recovery efforts after the tornadoes in the South, you can donate through UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief). Make checks payable to “BW Conference Treasurer” with “UMCOR Advance #3021326—Spring Storms” in the memo line. Place it in the offering plate.

Summer camp brochures are available! Friends, Fun, Faith…learn about God in the outdoors while having a fabulous time! Camps for all interests and all ages, including families. Scholarships are available. Talk to Bonnie for details., grab a brochure, or go online to

Worship Fun Fact! During the Easter Season, the Old Testament lessons are replaced by readings from the book of Acts because the early church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is the best witness to the Resurrection.


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