Posted by: deercreekcharge | June 11, 2011

Power Surge (Sunday, 12 June 2011)

Welcome back! We’re so glad you stopped by the Deer Creek Charge Online! We hope that you will stop by and join us in person too…you are ALWAYS welcome. Speaking of Online presence…we have a brand new online presence and way of keeping up with happenings. Check out our “fan page” on Facebook, and click “like.”

If you live with electricity, at some point in your life you have probably experienced both power surges and power outages. Neither is fun. A power surge can send so much electricity to your home that your electronics are fried. A power outage means “nothing” works. This week in worship, we are going to be looking at a Holy Power Surge–the Holy Spirit. Come and explore what it means to be “electrified” and “on fire” for Christ! We each have a story to tell…and because of a Holy Power Surge, we can’t help but tell it! Curious? Not sure what to make of all of this? Check out this Youtube video, and then read Acts 2:1-21.

This week, we are super excited about what is going on! Not only do we have the honor and ability to gather together to worship our Great God, but we are celebrating today! This is Pentecost–50 days after Easter (get it…pentagon = five sides…PENTAcost = 50 days??). It was the day in the Early Church that the Holy Spirit came and “messed” with people. Sometimes called the “Birthday” of the Church, it was a time of exponential growth as new people came and wanted to get involved in this crazy relationship with a guy named Jesus Christ. So…it’s a party in the Church, and it’s a party in our local church (congregation). This Sunday, we are officially welcoming 12 new people as members in our congregation at Deer Creek! Some have been attending for a while, and others are more recent transplants. But we are excited and thrilled to have them all! It’s going to be fun! You won’t want to miss this! (And if you are interested in becoming a member, please talk with our pastor…we’d LOVE to begin that process for you–remember, no perfect people allowed).

Oh…and don’t forget…WEAR RED on Sunday! (Or yellow…or orange…).


TODAY we are welcoming new members at Deer Creek! Congratulations and welcome (officially!).

NEXT SUNDAY is Father’s Day. The men (all men…young, old, single, fathers, grandfathers, etc.) at Deer Creek are being encouraged to wear “loud” shirts (Hawaiian shirts, etc.) to worship.

NEXT SUNDAY we will be having our 3rd Sunday Fellowship at Mt. Tabor! Come join us after worship for food, fun, and fellowship! All are welcome!

Don’t forget the on-going food drives at both Deer Creek and Mt. Tabor! Even when we go away for the summer, hunger does not go away. Please remember to bring in your non-perishable items.

Summer camp brochures are available! Friends, Fun, Faith…learn about God in the outdoors while having a fabulous time! Camps for all interests and all ages, including families. Scholarships are available. Talk to Bonnie for details., grab a brochure, or go online to

Worship Fun Fact! We are still in the Easter Season! Today is Pentecost, the 50th and last day of the Easter Season. This is a celebration of when the universal Church received the gift of the Holly Spirit. It is represented by the color red, doves, flames of fire, a ship, or a rainbow. This is one of the most appropriate days for baptisms, confirmations, new member reception and congregational reaffirmation of the Baptismal Covenant.


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