Posted by: deercreekcharge | October 29, 2011

Give Me That Old Time Religion (Sunday, 30 October 2011)

Thanks for stopping by the Deer Creek Charge! This week, we have PLENTY going on. Right now, we are hunkered down, hoping this snowy weather in October doesn’t cause too many problems over night. If we have power, but need to cancel services, a message will be posted to the website. Otherwise, as always, use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to travel to worship.

For worship this week, we will be singing to an old camp meeting song, “Give Me That Old Time Religion,” and hearing a sermon by the same title. The question we will be examining is whether or not that “Old Time Religion” that has been handed down from our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents really is good enough for us. We need to be able to claim our faith for ourselves and cross the “river” into the “Promised Land.” We’ll be looking at some ways that we can do this too. Check out Joshua 3:7-17 if you want a preview of the Scripture.

Also during worship today we will be distributing Bibles to our children at Deer Creek, and receiving into membership several new members at Mt. Tabor. There will even be a baptism! This is a day you won’t want to miss. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget the luncheon and annual meeting (called a “Charge Conference”) at 12:30 at Deer Creek (Mt. Tabor attends). We would love to have a big turnout! This is an important meeting.


Annual Charge Conference: TODAY at 12:30pm at DC (MT attends). A light meal/apple fest will be included. ALL leadership is asked to attend.

Daylight Savings Time ENDS next week. Please set your clocks BACK one hour Sat. night.

We will observe All Saints’ Sunday NEXT SUNDAY. Please submit names that you would like to be recognized during worship. (Deer Creek ONLY).

NEXT SUNDAY, Mt. Tabor will have a joint worship service at 11am withClark’s Chapel UMC (Kalmia Rd) at their location (Deer Creek is welcome to attend). Communion and All Saint’s Sunday will be observed. Bonnie will be preaching. It is handicapped accessible. We will need people to help with carpooling fromMt.Tabor and to help lead in worship atClark’s Chapel. Please SIGN UP ON THE CLIPBOARD IN THE LOBBY TODAY.

Please place donations of cake mix and icing for the Board of Childcare Thanksgiving Drive in the box. Deadline: November 13. Questions? See Pat Raab. Location: Mt.Tabor.

We are working on a Children’s Christmas Eve Program at Deer Creek. We would like for all of the children (and any willing adults!) to participate. Practices will be during Sunday School, and probably one Saturday. If you are interested in helping with “The Grumpy Shepherd” please see Cathy.

Join us for our worship services this holiday season! More details to come.

-Thanksgiving Eve Worship: Wednesday, Nov. 23, 7pm. (DC).
-Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship: Saturday, Dec. 24, 3pm. (MT)
-Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship/Family Service: Saturday, Dec. 24, 7pm. (DC)
-Christmas Day COMBINED Worship: Sunday, Dec. 25, 10am, (DC). Communion will be served.
-New Year’s Day COMBINED Worship: Sunday, Jan. 1, 10am, (MT).
**“Regular” worship at 9am (DC) and 11am (MT) will resume on Sunday, Jan. 8.**

Don’t forget the on-going food drives at both Deer Creek andMt.Tabor! Let’s help restock the shelves before the holidays and winter. Non-perishable goods only.

Worship Fun Fact! The offering used to be taken before the sermon, but since Vatican 2 (1962-1965), we now take it after the sermon as a response to the spoken word.


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