Posted by: deercreekcharge | November 26, 2011

2-Minute Warning (27 November 2011)

It’s football season around the Deer Creek Charge! Many folks love to root on the Ravens and were watching the Harbaugh v. Harbaugh match-up on Thanksgiving night with eager anticipation. Like all football games, it had the 2-minute warning as a “wake-up call” to the players, the coaches, and the fans. The 2-minute warning tells us to “get our game on” and nail the victory if you’re ahead, or play extra hard if you are behind. A lot can happen in the final 2 minutes of a game. The game can be won or lost here.

Well, that’s not a lot different than our faith. We’re heading into the time in the church year called “Advent” which is a time of waiting and watching for Christ to return. But no one knows the day or hour when that will happen. What would happen if we lived our lives like we already had a 2-minute warning? What if we lived our lives like Christ was coming back…this week? Come explore this with us this week…as we delve into Mark 13:24-37.

We have a lot going on around both Deer Creek and Mt. Tabor churches. Be sure to check out our Announcements below and come join us this Advent season! You’ll be glad you did.


Board of Childcare Red Stockings are available at both churches. Each person is asked to fill their stocking to help needy children and return it on Sunday, December 4.

Christmas Cards and Caroling! Please bring in old Christmas cards and place them in the box at Deer Creek. Then, on Sunday, Dec. 4, stay for a few minutes after church and help our children make cards to give to our neighbors. On Sunday, Dec. 18, join us at 2:45 (start walking at 3) for some caroling. Start at Deer Creek, go as far as we can. We’ll finish up back at church for some hot drinks to celebrate! ALL are invited (please invite friends/family!). Baked goods (due in church Dec. 18), a driver, volunteer to set up drinks at church, and wagons needed. Please sign up! Questions/want to help? See Tammy.

Deborah Circle will be collecting money in a designated jar through Dec. 11 to buy new “emergency” clothes for the nurses/students at Hickory & Forest Hill Elementary Schools. ALL WOMEN are invited to join Deborah Circle for a meeting AFTER WORSHIP NEXT SUNDAY. Location: Mt. Tabor.

Join us for our worship services this holiday season!

-Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship: Saturday, Dec. 24, 3pm. (MT)
-Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship/Family Service: Saturday, Dec. 24, 7pm. (DC)
-Christmas Day COMBINED Worship: Sunday, Dec. 25, 10am, (DC). Communion. WEAR YOUR PJS AND BRING YOUR FAVORITE GIFT (from this or another year).
-New Year’s Day COMBINED Worship: Sunday, Jan. 1, 10am, (MT). (NO Communion)
**“Regular” worship at 9am (DC) and 11am (MT) will resume on Sunday, Jan. 8.**


Don’t forget the on-going food drives at both Deer Creek and Mt.Tabor!

Worship Fun Fact! Happy New Year! Today is the first Sunday in Advent, which marks the start of the Christian year. (This is “Year B”, in the Lectionary—the 3 year cycle of Scripture that we use to help guide our worship. The Gospel we’ll be using for most of the year is Mark). After four Sundays of waiting, we celebrate the birth of Christ.


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