Posted by: deercreekcharge | December 24, 2011

The Greatest Gift (Christmas Day-25 December 2011)

Merry Christmas! Thanks for checking us out. We are glad you are here! We hope you will consider joining us today for worship! We will have only ONE service–it will be a combined service at Deer Creek at 10am. This will be a relaxed, casual service…and completely different from Christmas Eve! There will be a new sermon, new music, and a new experience of Christ. This will be an intergenerational service with plenty of fun, laughter and sharing. Everyone is invited to wear PJs if it helps you get out of the house. Also, please bring your favorite gift (from this year or a previous year)…there will be a time of sharing, if you wish. Children’s worship bulletins and Worship Sacks will be available for our youngest worshippers, who will also lead us in singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus–complete with cake! We will also share in Holy Communion together (ALL are welcome to receive, and we use grape juice so that everyone can participate). Start your day off right by joining us in worship to God! Check out John 1:1-14 if you get the chance.

Today we will be talking about the greatest gift that we have ever received. It’s not a toy, a tool, a car, a house, or even life itself. Nope. Mystified? Good. Come out and find out what it is! You are always welcome here. This is God’s house.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your family this new year!

(***Just a note: Next Sunday, 1 January 2012, will be a combined worship service at Mt. Tabor at 10am. There will be worship bulletins available for the children. Our Lay Speaker, David Moore, will be preaching. He has a lot to say about what Scripture says about getting the year off on the “right foot.” Please join us for this service! The following Sunday, 8 January 2012, we will resume our “normal” worship schedule: 9am at Deer Creek and 11am at Mt. Tabor. Michael Parker, a lay speaker from our sister church and a seminarian, will be bringing the message. Hope to see you there!***)



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