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Jesus Freak (Sunday, 22 January 2012)

Hi There! Welcome back to the Deer Creek Charge! We’re sorry we haven’t had a post up in a few weeks. Our webmistress has been travelling. All is well around the Deer Creek Charge–snow and ice on the ground, but as of now, worship is still scheduled for our regular times on Sunday (9am at Deer Creek, 11am at Mt. Tabor). As long as we have power, the website will be updated if anything changes. Of course, please use your own discretion and caution when deciding if you can make it out to worship safely. Your safety is more important. Check out some of the links below if you can’t make it to worship…and if you REALLY want a copy of the sermon, send us an email ( and we will get one to you.

We hope your Christmas and Epiphany have been full of joy! May God bless you and yours this new year. We at the Deer Creek Charge would LOVE to hear all about how God is working in your life…join us for worship, Bible Study, a meal, or anything else…and tell us how God is working in your life…or how you would like for God to work in your life. We would love to be in prayer for you too.

This Sunday, if you can’t make it to worship…or you just want a head-start…check out Mark 1:14-20. Here, Jesus calls the first four disciples (Simon, Andrew, James, and John) from their ordinary lives as fishermen to an extraordinary life as a disciple (follower) of Jesus Christ. They drop EVERYTHING…their jobs, their homes, their families…EVERYTHING to follow Jesus and become a “Jesus Freak.” (Think dcTalk). But is this story about them or about what God did in inviting them to change their life? Come and find out. We can’t wait to see you!

Oh… and in case you want to see some hymns (songs) we are singing, check out the links here and here. (Of course, we will sing them our own way…)

Don’t forget our weekly announcements. See you soon!


One Day Bible Study: TOMORROW 10am at Deer Creek. Have you ever wanted to try a Bible Study, but just can’t find the time? Your problem is solved! Join us for a one day Bible Study on the book of Philemon (yeah, sounds impressive, but really only 25 verses). Passages and starter questions are available at both churches. See Bonnie for info.

Help feed the Homeless at the Harford County Day Shelter (New Hope UMC, Edgewood) on the 3rd FRIDAY of each month. We need people to make food, deliver food, and serve food.Mt.Tabor will be leading this effort. A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board. Contact Pat Raab, Sandy Taylor or Jean Scott for info.

Soup and Sandwich Dinner will be held on Sunday, February 19 at 5:30pm at Deer Creek. More details coming. Soup, sandwiches, drinks, and desserts will be needed.

Like to Knit or Crochet? Want to learn how and make a difference in the community? A new group, headed by Kathy B. (MT), will be forming in January. Day/time/format TBD. Possible projects include scarves/hats for the homeless and prayer shawls for homebound members/friends. Talk with Kathy or Bonnie if you are interested.

Don’t forget the on-going food drives at both Deer Creek and Mt.Tabor!

Worship Fun Fact! Our basic pattern of worship (how we structure our service) assumes that worship leaders and the congregation are to be in constant prayer. Do you always have an attitude of prayer during worship? Or is it more of a “show” that you watch? How can you participate more (either through leadership or your own prayers) in our worship services?



  1. Beautiful Website.. I really enjoy reading and knowing whats going on in our church and community. Thanks Very Much. Blessings, Rose Dalton

    • Thanks, Rose! It is a labor of love. Hope you feel better soon and can be back with us in person! Let me know if you want a copy of the sermon (or bulletin for that matter…I can email it to you).

      • the bulletin would be great.. i hope to be back next providing. still on heavy duty meds for my back & see the spine surgeon thursday. No surgery planned though and I pray none needed yet. many thanks again. God Bless You & All Members.. rose

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