Posted by: deercreekcharge | January 29, 2012

The Exorcist-Sunday, 29 January, 2012

Thanks for checking us out again! We hope that you will join us in person. You are always welcome in God’s house…no matter what you have done or left undone…what you have said or left unsaid…who you are or who you aren’t…you are welcome. This is God’s house. This week, we’ll be taking a look at Deuteronomy 18:15-20 and Mark 1:21-28. We’ll be talking about demons…those that Jesus cast out “then and there,” and those that are in our lives “here and now.” We don’t talk about demons much in this area…but this week we are touching the untouchable. And we promise that it will be relevant to you and your life. That’s what faith and church are all about…making God and Scripture relevent to our lives here and now. It’s about a relationship with God. Come join us as we figure out how to have a better relationship with God…there’s room enough here for you.


Lenten Bible Studies will be starting soon! If you would like to participate, please see Bonnie TODAY. We will be looking at “24 Hours That Changed the World” at one study, and may be looking at “Questions of Faith” at the other (submit your questions ASAP!) if there is enough interest. Books must be ordered this week. Cost TBD.

Mt. Tabor Church Council will be meeting on Tuesday, February 7, at 6pm. Please plan to attend. Contact Bonnie or Pat Raab with questions or agenda items ASAP.

Help feed the Homeless at the Harford County Day Shelter (New Hope UMC, Edgewood) on the 3rd FRIDAY of each month (next: Feb. 18). We need people to make food, deliver food, and serve food.Mt.Tabor will be leading this effort. A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board. Contact Pat R., Sandy or Jean for info.

Soup and Sandwich Dinner will be held on Sunday, February 19 at 5:30pm at Deer Creek. More details coming. Soup, sandwiches, drinks, and desserts will be needed.

Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner will be held on Tuesday, February 21 from 5-7pm atMt.Tabor. See Sandy Taylor if you can help.

Ash Wednesday Worship to kick of the season of Lent, will be held on Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm atMt.Tabor. This will be a COMBINED community service with at least 5 other Methodist Churches in the area. Rev. Mark Groover, Clark’s Chapel and New Hope UMCs, will bring the message. Please plan to be there to show our guests hospitality. See Bonnie if you can help (greet, read scripture, liturgy, etc.).

An Old Fashioned Hymn Sing, sponsored by Centre UMC, Forest Hill, will be held on Sunday, February 26, at 7pm. All are welcome. If a small group would like to perform, you are welcome to—let Pastor Bob Hunter know. A reception will follow.

Don’t forget the on-going food drives at both Deer Creek and Mt. Tabor!

Worship Fun Fact! We are now in the church season of “Ordinary Time” called “The Season After Epiphany.” This season lasts between 4 and 9 weeks, depending on when Easter comes. It stands between the 2 big church cycles of the year: Advent-Christmas, and Lent-Easter-Epiphany. It has no central theme.


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