Posted by: deercreekcharge | December 16, 2012


This morning we continue preparing the way of the Lord through John the Baptist’s preaching, though the Baptist is not usually a Christmas figure we think about! (Can you imagine sending this as your Christmas card?) Join us as we talk about repentance!

Join us to pray as well. In the wake of the tragedy in Newton, Connecticut, it is important that we come together to mourn and to pray.




Deer Creek is supporting a family through Mason Dixon Community Services. We are mainly supporting this family with food, but if you feel moved to offer a gift, you may:

  • Boy (7 yrs old): wears size 5 pants and shirts, loves chapter books
  • Boy (5 yrs old): wears size 5 pants and size 4 shirts, also likes books
  • Mother: wears a size large
  • Her brother: wears and extra large and is very tall!
  • Her mother: recently lost her husband, all she really needs is money.

Help feed the Homeless at the Day Shelter (New Hope UMC, Edgewood) on the 3rd Friday of the month (MT) and 4th Monday of each month (DC). Next: Dec. 21 (MT) and Christmas Eve (DC)!

Knit/Crochet No experience needed— will teach! Make scarves for the homeless or prayer shawls. Meets at 7pm at Mt. Tabor. Next Meeting: December 28.


*Bible Study will be on Mondays at 10 at Deer Creek Dec. 17, and we will wrap up Mon. Jan. 7 and 14th at 10 at Deer Creek.

*Donations to Mt. Tabor’s “Magic Jar” through TODAY will go to purchase clothing for Hickory and Forest Hill Elementary Schools.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship: Monday, Dec. 24, 3pm at Mt. Tabor.

A special Christmas Communion service with candlelight and carols! Invite your friends and family!

Christmas Eve Family Service: Monday, Dec. 24, 7pm at Deer Creek.

Our children’s pageant is the center of this service, and we will also light candles and sing carols! Invite your family and friends!

Special Events in Our Community:

Grace Episcopal Church in Dublin will have a Longest Night Service on Fri. Dec. 21 at 7.

Song for Advent:Repent means to turn back from, turn away from. This song is about the world turning, and it is a beautiful Advent song: The Canticle of the Turning.

My heart shall sing of the day you bring. Let the fires of your justice burn.
Wipe away all tears, for the dawn draws near,
and the world is about to turn!


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