Posted by: deercreekcharge | January 10, 2013

Marked by Love

El Ungio by Lalo Garcia

El Ungio by Lalo Garcia

This week we are celebrating Jesus’ baptism as told to us in Luke 3:15-17,21-22, which means we are celebrating belovedness. Baptism, in The United Methodist Church is a sacrament, which is an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace. That means that is about being marked with a sign of God’s love. At both churches, as we celebrate how Jesus was marked by love on his baptism long ago, we will also remember how we all have been marked by God’s love.

At Deer Creek, this Sunday will be extra special as we celebrate TWO sacraments, baptism and communion. At Mt. Tabor, we will be baptizing two people and then eating a soup and sandwich fellowship meal together (potlucks are like a third sacraments to Methodists). Come join us!


Mt. Tabor Fellowship Meal THIS SUNDAY in celebration of two baptisms!

Help feed the Homeless at the Day Shelter (New Hope UMC, Edgewood) on the 3rd Friday of the month (MT) and 4th Monday of each month (DC). Next: January 18th (MT) and 28th (DC)

Knit/Crochet No experience needed— will teach! Make scarves for the homeless or prayer shawls. Meets at 7pm at Mt. Tabor. Next Meeting: January 11.

Deer Creek Choir Practice will be Wednesdays at 7pm.

Bible Study will wrap up Mon. Jan. 14th at 10 at Deer Creek.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Prayer of Confession and Assurance
O God, we long to co-create with you the Beloved Community which looks to the common good; privileges all equally, and creates societal systems which celebrate the humanity and the gifts of all. And yet we focus on our differences, envy each other’s gifts, devalue manifestations of you, O God, that are not like our own. But too often we allow the voices of our sisters and brothers to be silenced. To often we are overwhelmed by the work of justice and peace you call us to.

But sisters and brothers, God is at work in us and with us! God has promised: “I will not keep silent and I will not rest until the vindication of my beloved people shines out like the dawn and their salvation like a burning torch. My people shall no more be termed ‘forsaken’ and their land shall no more be termed ‘desolate.'” We remember that you have given your Beloved people a new name: “My delight is in them.”

Thank you, God for delighting in us even now, for forgiving us our slow action, our silence and our weariness, for empowering our work and inviting us once again to create with you the Beloved Community you long for. Amen. (Adapted from UCC Worship Ways)


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